Welcome to Japanese Studies!

The Japanese Studies program at York University has been steadily growing since its inception in the 1960's as Japan has emerged as one of the major economic powers in the world. The 21st century is called the century of Asia. Having a good command of any Asian language is an enormous asset in professional opportunities.

We offer a comprehensive four-year Japanese language program designed to provide students in various fields with a working knowledge of the language and useful information concerning Japanese people, society, and culture. Learning Japanese with reference to cross-cultural communication is emphasized so that students will be able to adapt to foreign environment without much difficulty.

The communicative approach has been adopted to help students to become creative, independent, and sensitive language learners. Students learn how to make maximal use of their knowledge at their own levels including non-verbal communication skills. The Section has been developing courses in Japanese Studies in anticipation of setting up a degree program in the near future.

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