Various Japan-related events are scheduled all year around to provide students with opportunities to get hands-on experience. York University has been hosting the Japanese Language Proficiency Test since 1997 as one of the outreach activities for the whole eastern regions of Canada and several neighbouring states in the U.S.

Through the outstanding achievement attained by York students in the Ontario Japanese Speech Contest and National Japanese Speech Contest in the past, the Japanese Program at York University has been considered as one of the top programs in Canada. Students have opportunities to participate in a one-year study in Japan program usually after they finish AP/JP3000.06. We have an exchange agreement with Meiji University, Dokkyo University, Keio University, Waseda University, Nagoya University and Hitotsubashi University.

The Japanese Section has been assisting the Japanese Program at the Faculty of Foriegn Languages (FLEX), University of Havana, Cuba, since 2008, based on the exchange agreement signed between the two universities. This is another outreach project, which involves in faculty training and education.