The Ontario Japanese Speech Contest (OJSC)

The Ontario Japanese Speech Contest was first held in 1983.

The 2014 OJSC is the 32nd Contest. Students learning Japanese at universities and language schools present their speeches in four categories: Beginners', Intermediate, Advanced and Open. OJSC has been the most successful Contest in Canada in terms of quality participants and excellent speeches.

OJSC attracts more than 50 participants every year and offers the best opportunities for learners of Japanese to demonstrate their knowledge and performance of the Japanese language.

The first prize winners are entitled to participate in the National Japanese Speech Contest.


  • Consulate-General of Japan in Toronto
  • The Japan Foundation


  • Asian Institute at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto
  • Association of Japanese Canadian Business and Professionals (Shinki-Kai)
  • Canada Planners International Services, Inc.
  • Canon Canada Inc.
  • Glico Canada Corporation
  • H.I.S Canada Inc.
  • Honda Canada Inc.
  • IACE Travel Canada Inc.
  • Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant
  • Japan Communications Inc.
  • Japan National Tourist Organization
  • Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
  • JTB International (Canada) Ltd.
  • Mr. James Matsumoto & Ms. Hisako Setoyama
  • Mitsui Canada Foundation
  • NGK Spark Plugs Canada Ltd.
  • Nihongo Circle
  • Noritake Canada Ltd.
  • Shiseido (Canada) Inc.
  • ShowFlex International Inc.
  • Soba Canada Inc.
  • Subaru Canada, Inc.
  • Toyota Canada Inc.
  • Toyota Tsusho Canada, Inc.
  • Yamaha Canada Music Ltd.

With the generous donations by these organizations and firms, OJSC has been extremely successful and continues to pursue excellence in Japanese language education.

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee consists of the representatives of Toronto Japanese Language School, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and York University. The time and energy put in to organize OJSC by the Organizing Committee members is much appreciated by language teaching professionals and participants.

In 2012 The Committee was recognized by the Consul General of Japan, Mr. Eiji Yamamoto, for its contribution to the Japanese language education in Ontario.